“To all the staff at Henry’s Hut, It is a woefully inadequate way to express my gratitude, but, THANK YOU for all the thought, care and energy you all put in t making …… time with you such a success. Ponteland families are so lucky to have you”

Anon - We are so lucky to have you.

“Thank you for looking after ….. this year. It has been a difficult year and we have found comfort that ….. is safe and happy at Henry’s Hut. Thank you also for her book outlining her art and achievements over the year. I am aware of how much work goes into them and will treasure it. Thanks for developing ….. confidence and friendship groups”

Anon - I will treasure it.

One child said “I loved snack time outside and inside and pushing Henry in the pram and loved playing with him in the water” also “I loved playing with Henry in the book corner and dressing up as a tiger, dog and fireman”


“We appreciate all you have done for ….. and for the secure world you promote for all those who attend Henry’s Hut.


“To everyone at Henry’s Hut. Thank you all so much for the wonderful start you have given the twins. I know they enjoyed every minute, learned so much and more importantly had FUN!!”


“We can’t thank you enough for looking after……..So wonderfully over the last two years. He has loved coming to Henry’s Hut and has had so much fun. It has been amazing to watch him grow in confidence and in his language, play and sense of humour, before school”


Thank you for your kindness and support over the last year. ……..has loved every second and regularly asks if it’s Henry’s Hut tomorrow”


“My son had such a great time that there were unstoppable tears (literally) when I told him he can’t come back in the Easter holidays… because we’re going to Disney World! Made me dwell on how quickly the UK makes kids grow up, getting them into school ever-earlier – mind made up for my daughter; she can play at Henry’s Hut until I’m legally obliged to put her in uniform!”

Anon - Such a great time!

“My son asked me on Tuesday night if I could remember our first visit to Henry’s Hut. When I replied yes he said “I loved it straight away Mummy and I never want to leave”

Anon - Extract taken from a child’s Communication Diary

The children love Henry and the staff, all you have to do is listen when you enter and it tells you everything you need to know about Henry’s Hut…brilliant!!

Nik Jones - Friend of Henry